Ricardo Reitmeyer

Photographer, Photoshop Artist

Ricardo "Rick" Reitmeyer is Kansas born and raised, graduating from Fort Hays State University with a Business Administration degree, and a heavy emphasis in the creative arts. His specialities include Photoshop retouching and illustration, creative photography (with Pre-Owned Aircraft Marketing a specialty) and photographic art, daydream planning and design, professional spectating, intuition development, hostage negotiation (of sorts) and lateral thinking.

His favorite subject matter is simplicity; favorite rule is the Golden Mean; favorite format is two dimensions; favorite color is transparency; favorite activity in life is balance; favorite place is home; favorite quote is "Thank You"; second favorite quote is "You're Welcome"; favorite sound is silence; and second favorite sound is that of nature interrupting silence.

Ricardo enjoys music but prefers daydreaming and has pretty good eye sight but is still learning to see. He would like to listen better but often finds himself distracted and will forget a name quickly but remembers a face for a lifetime. He feels nothing beats a sunrise, other than another sunrise; that his age happens to increase with experience and wisdom; and it seems the more he practices, the luckier he gets.

Ricardo Reitmeyer

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