Juli McClure


Juli McClure is the president of Visual Media Group and has a reputation for contagious energy that engages and motivates. Great service and excellent work are her trademarks. You might be surprised to learn she not only is a certified yoga instructor, but she has mad drywalling skills. Both have served her well while raising five kids who have almost as much energy as her.

While Wichita is always home, she also loves to travel. You might see her about town with friends and family at local concerts, the zoo or one of our city’s many breweries. Best concert to date: seeing U2 in Boston. Best trip to date: 2 weeks in Ireland (she’ll share the itinerary she laid out if you're interested!).

If given the chance, she’ll finish a 1000-piece puzzle in 48 hours or spend a beautiful weekend outside gardening.

Juli McClure
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