Video Production

Leaders in corporate and broadcast video production, we're privileged to work with some of the leading companies in North America.

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On Location Production

When we arrive on location for your production, we'll be using professional grade HD cameras and equipment including lighting equipment, wireless microphones as well as multiple cameras (if needed). Our productions are super smooth with the help of our Steadycam rig/operator and camera booms.

Video Editing

Once production is wrapped, we move into editing mode and start piecing your video together with the highest quality HD editing software. The video is tack sharp and crystal clear, ready for viewing on high-def TVs and retina display tablets and smartphones.

Video cameras

Motion Graphics

Our creative team of production designers take your video to the next level by adding motion graphics to your video. Motion graphics include animated text and illustrations as well as computer generated imagery (CGI).


When you're video needs to set a certain tone or create a sense of intimacy, we can overlay a series of music, soundtracks or other sounds to enhance the viewers experience. Our library of music and sounds consist of 1000s of cuts ranging from pastoral to hip-hop, North American to Asian and everything in between. Need a custom set of music? Ask about having it professionally scored, just for your project.

Conventions and Conferences

Looking for a production company who can handle a big event? Contact VMG in Wichita about setting up and operating all the audio and visual needs at your next exhibition. From simple sounds systems to multiple cameras and projectors, we have all the equipment you could possibly need for a smooth show.

Content Writing

We understand you're busy running a business. When you have an idea, but don't have the time to write it all out, let us take over for you. We have a team of professional copy writers who can take your ideas and turn them into a script that sounds great and flows from start to finish.

Video Duplication

Whether you need 10 or 10,000 copies of your project authored to DVD or encoded for the web, we can handle any size of job. Our duplication system can reproduce CDs, DVDs as well as DVD authoring for your final formats.

Audio/Video Equipment Rentals

When you need equipment for your office party, meeting, corporate event or convention, give us a call. All of our equipment is available for rent including projectors, screens and complete sounds systems.

By land, sea or air

Regardless of where you need us to shoot, your video will be produced in a professional manner with precision messaging.

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